About Us

WellyBox was established on 2018, by two serial entrepreneurs: Evyatar Shoresh & Nadav Elyada.

Why WellyBox

We started WellyBox to solve a pain we had in our previous company, that we know that every small business is facing. We noticed we were spending hours on chasing invoice & receipts, and we couldn’t find a good solution to handle all this for us, saving us time and making sure we don’t drop any potential tax deduction

Mile stones

Nov  2018 – started building the product

Oct  2019 – approved by Google for emails scanning and security

Nov 2019 – product was live in Israel

Feb 2020 – integrating with major accouting and storage solutions such as QBO & DropBox


Our vision is make all expenses management in the business fully automated. Leaving money on the table by not deducting all expenses is an irresponsible business behavior especially on these tough days. The good news is that now with WellyBox unique AI technology can save this endless chore of expenses documentation and reporting

Keep in touch!

Our project is still on early days and any comment / advice or tip are more than welcome, if you need a new feature don’t hesitate contacting us, we’ll be more than happy to hear from you.